Hauts de France

School Fishing Day

Youth, Nature, Passion, Respect…

I put my knowledge and my pedagogy in the servcice of your children. On the program of fishing courses aisni only an awareness of the natural environment and species.

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Fishing for The Blow

learn or review the basics 

Playful, childhood fishing by exellence, it is often through this that we learn to fish. After that, it is possible to continue until the competition! Keeping, bream, tanches or even carp, first we get to know his favorite fish, then we become a fan of fishing! 

Perfecting your skills and technique 


search for a fish 

The search for a fish requires first of all to be interested in its living environment and the environment. I offer children an awareness of the world of life and aquatic species. Fish anatomy, lifestyle, reproduction, etc.


make a primer 

Becoming a freshwater baker!
A primer is a mixture of several often vegetable flours (corn, wheat, biscuit, etc.). But which fish likes what flour and why? Let's make the mix together!


adapt line and gestures

Fishing promotes concentration by doing small, meticulous things (making and breaking knots, managing the balance of your line). She learns movement coordination and patience. The line is ready the float sinks… But who will we be dealing with?

School Fishing Day 

Price for a subscription of 5 sessions of 3 hours or 30 euros/session/child. 2 children minimum and 6 maximum for better follow-up and progress. Fishing card not included, valid for one year, indicative price of 6 euros for under 12s.  Settlement by cheques, holiday vouchers and sports vouche

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egistration sheet 
Health card 

8 – 12 years old


per child for 5 sessions

  • 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Qualified course and coaching
  • Occupational insurance
  • Loan of equipment
  • Baits and primers