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Frédéric DEROUET votre guide de pêche et de nature dans l’Oise, les Hauts de France et la normandie

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Fishing for trout with a tank fly

Start fly fishing and progress quickly by my side! 

School day peaches for children

With respect for nature, I teach children the basics! 


Customers lyrics

Satisfied Customer – Happy Customer


Very pleasant and efficient professional. Thank you again for this beautiful day.

reservoir guidance

Guide fly fishing father and son


Starting to streamer (carnivorous), I had a very rewarding and enjoyable day with Frédéric. He corrected bad gestures and habits. I have better feelings to throw with much less fatigue. I recommend this guide very clear in its explanations, patient and involved.

fly throwing course

Guiding and initiation fishing with pike and trout flyfish


I had two beautiful days fishing with beautiful trout. I really enjoyed fishing in sedge and nymph. I feel comfortable for my river season.

reservoir guidance

Tank fly fishing guidance


Find all my offers to accompany you!

Guide, sports educator and state-educated animator, I am at the service of your progress in your favorite hobby: fishing. Whatever your level, I adapt to your expectations.


Tank Fly Fishing – Courses and Guidance

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River Fly Fishing – Guidance

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Fly throwing course

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Fishing for Carnassiers with Lures

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Fishing initiation in the Carp

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Adult Fishing Trips

Where are we going?


Accessible whether you are a local community, a business or a group of individuals


Animations Nature

For adults or children, nature animations change with the seasons and always allow you to learn with lightness…


Fishing Camps

From 2 to 5 days, the fishing camps have the gift of fascinate children. Make a fire, climb your line, observe the environment and above all catch fish! 


Team building

Are you looking for a place to regain the concentration of your teams or an activity to weld the links? My proposals adapt to your needs.


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